Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Gear up to be the next vExpert, start today......

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The first batch of vExpert 2014 has been announced today and the list of vExpert 2014 can be found here. I feel honored & proud to be a part of the vExpert group and CONGRATULATIONS!! to all 2014 vExperts. 
If you applied for vExpert 2014 but couldn’t make it, don’t get disappointed. With vExpert 2014 you can submit quarterly nominations; you will find more information here. You will get another chance when the quarterly nominations are open.
Here are some suggestions that may help you in getting vExpert 2014 during the next quarterly nominations:
Blogs – Do you blog? Maintain a blog using Blogger or WordPress and post content regularly. Do not COPY/PASTE steps (with screenshots) from VMware Documentation; your content should be helpful to the large VMware community. Include topics that you think would help others based on your experience during designing, implementation, managing or troubleshooting VMware Infrastructure. Off course you may visit my blog for reference.
This does not have to be limited to blog posts; you can also upload YouTube videos or write Whitepapers.While you can be a generalist but I would recommend specializing in a particular VMware topic/product.
Social Media – What do you use Social Networking sites for? We all use Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social networking sites for various reasons. Use social networking sites to share and spread the knowledge with others. Make good use of the LinkedIn Groups because this is widely used by VMware users across the globe. I have used the following LinkedIn Groups where I have posted various technical details about VMware

Technical Sessions – Do you conduct technical sessions on VMware during various events? This is another platform where you get to showcase your expertise about VMware. Start participating in events like VMUG, VMworld, vForum or events organized by your company.
Community – Do you participate regularly in communities? This is one area that I really like because you get a chance to help VMware users. There are various questions asked related to designing, implementation, managing or troubleshooting VMware. When you assist the customers and help them fix the issues you are not only rewarded with points but it’s also challenging which ensures that you don’t lose on your VMware skills. You don’t have to restrict your participation in VMware Communities, you may also participate in VMware Partner Communities. You may access my community link for reference

IMPORTANT: vExpert is all about sharing your knowledge and expertise with VMware Community. Help fellow VMware Community members succeed with the VMware solution by sharing your knowledge and expertise CONSISTENTLY. 
All the best !!


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