vStorage APIs & NetApp

This page contains blogs posts related to vStorage API integration with NetApp Storage.

  • esxtop Statistics for Block VAAI – This blog post shares details about different esxtop statistics that can be used for block VAAI primitives. Read this blog to monitor the contribution using VAAI. It will help you do a performance assessment and also troubleshoot VAAI related issues.

  • NFS VAAI Statistics for NetApp Storage – In this blog post I have shared the NFS VAAI counters that you can refer while troubleshooting VAAI offloaded tasks (Clone, Snapshots) on your storage.

  • Troubleshooting NFS VAAI Plugin on NetApp Storage – In one of my blogs posts I have discussed that NFS VAAI plugin is not enabled by default on the ESXi host. This plugin is provided by your storage vendor which needs to be installed on the ESXi host. In this blog post I have discussed some commands and log files that you can use while troubleshooting NFS VAAI Plugin installation and NFS VAAI primitives.
  • Create a custom ESXi ISO for NetApp NAS Plugin using PowerCLI and SAVE TIME !! – This blog post provides the PowerCLI cmdlets which enable you to create custom ISO with NetApp NFS VAAI Plugin. This reduces the initial setup times for the ESXi host because now you don’t need another reboot after installing the NFS VAAI Plugin.
  • NetApp VASA provider for VMware – Setup Walkthrough– In this blog post I will share the instructions and best practices for using VMware VASA (vStorage APIs for Storage Awareness) with NetApp Storage. This is one of the vStorage APIs available from VMware which helps in storage management.