Thursday, July 11, 2013

Passed !! Data ONTAP Cluster-Mode Administrator (NS0-156) certification

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I have recently joined NetApp as Technical Marketing Engineer a.k.a. Reference Architect for VMware Solutions. At NetApp I work for the Solutions Integration team and my primary role is to develop deployment and integration guides, solutions and reference architectures, technical collateral using best practices for VMware solutions on NetApp. I also conduct customer presentations and help them optimize their datacenter solutions using NetApp & VMware. With a strong VMware background I had to now improve my storage skills specifically on NetApp. Hence I set this goal of completing NCDA certification within the first six months at NetApp. I am glad that I was able to do this within first four months.

Through this blog I would also like to share the following tips which helped me clearing this certification: 

Understanding NCDA Certification:
The following NCDA certifications are available:
·         NS0-155 Data ONTAP 7-Mode Administrator
·         NS0-156 Clustered Data ONTAP Administrator

Use the above link to get the list of recommended training for NCDA certification. Apart from Clustered Data ONTAP Administration all other courses are FREE and all you need to do is STUDY!! 

I highly recommend using NetApp VSIM for ESXi or Workstation to understand Data ONTAP better. ONTAP Simulator is available for download at (both 7-Mode and Clustered-ONTAP).

If you need any technical assistance, reach out to  


  1. congrats ! I need to do it asap :)

  2. Hi, I need to do NCDA certification 7 mode ... is there a way that I could get some dumps for questions etc....